First Night I Am Music II Tour, MTV blogs LIVE!

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Last week was the first show of the I Am Music II tour, and MTV covered the show live with a blogger at the scenes. A year ago Lil Wayne was locked up, but now back live on stage, the crowd was going crazy. We’ve all missed Lil Wayne while he was away, but the energy felt from the blogger below shows that we really did miss him. Everyone seems to be making an appearance at the tour, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Birdman, and Travis Barker just to name a few. At the end of the article you will find many pictures from the concert in Baltimore.

Hit the jump, you don’t want to miss this, it’s going down.

8:21 – Rahman Dukes: just had a nice conversation with Rick Ross. He’s saying he’s turning May into Maybach month. The boy aint playing. Stay tuned!

8:28 – outside of Travis Barkers dressing room after he’s just left the stage. “Can a Drumma Get sum?”

8:31 – while Sways talking to Travis sitting in the hall wit my comrades J-Rod and Gayle (Whitney to ya’ll) surrounded by Travis Barkers kids and Eminems manager Paul Rosenberg.

8:33 – upon leaving the Travis interview one of his daughters begs him to go meet Nicki Minaj.

8:35 – The bawse is about to hit the stage!

8:40 – Ross walks out to the stage to “MC Hammer” the crowd goes nuts!

8:50 – “put your hands in the air if you’re super high” Ross demands going into …
“Super High.

8:55 – Maybach Music hook man Masspike Miles joins Ross onstage.

8:56 – Ross wants a moment of silence as he goes into “Aston Martin Music.” Anthem time!

8:58 – A Ricky Rozay show just wouldn’t be right without “B.M.F” the crowd is going into a frenzy “I think I’m big meech …”

9:00 – been to plenty of Ross show but never seen the audience react to DJ Khaleds “All I Do Is Win” like THIS. Wow!

9:05 – Ross introduces his soon to be hits “9 Piece” and “Bo Diddley” hits for days …

9:06 – Ross says his new album “Self Made” hits stores May 24th.

9:11 – Ross exits the stage playing Chris Browns “Deuces.”

9:15 – Sway chopping it up with Lil Waynes new artist and the tour opener, Porcelain Black backstage.

9:41 – Weezy’s home! Lil Wayne bursts onto the stage.

9:42 – This is my first time onstage in over a year, says Weezy.

9:42 – Lil Wayne tosses his hat into the audience as he goes into “A Milli.”

9:46 – Weezy goes to a top level of thw stage for “Right Above It.” No Drake but the crowd still rockin’ wit Weezy.

9:51 – Enter Mack Maine. Just spoke to him a few mins ago now he’s larger than life lol.

9:52 – Wayne got dancers on the stage looking like Nas in “Theifs Theme” with their ski masks. Ha!

9:55 – its so amazing to see what this man is doing. Not even 5 mos ago he was confined to a cell. He has dressing rooms bigger than that. Oh yeah “Go DJ!”

9:57 – where the hell is Drake?

9:58 – Wayne tells his DJ Four Five its “time to go mixtape.”

9:59 – Wayne is zoning out on a straight “No Cielings” set!

10:01 – Wayne is right up there with Em and Jay. He’s one of the only few rap acts with a diverse crowd rockin’ wit him like he’s in the hood.

10:02 – aw man, somebody get Wiz Khalifa on the line. Wayne just gave a snippet of “Green & Yellow” and the crowd responded as if the record was his.

10:03 – Wayne performs “I’m Single” for the first time? Shouts to fam DJ Scoob Doo in the building with his bro Omar who just put 10 in. Welcome home, O!

10:06 – Weezy is not your average rapper. He doesn’t have bottles of Poland Spring on deck. He has waitresses deliver glasses of water directly to him as if he’s ordering from a restaurant.

10:08 – Barbie time?

10:11 – Confirmed – Barbie time. Nicki comes out to “Romans Revenge.” Damn, Kim.

10:17 – I won’t even say what Nicki pulled out to demonstrate what she would do to her competitors on “Did It On ‘Em” too many kiddies watchin … Wow!

10:18 – I just told the homey J Rizzle I want to see a show with just Wayne, Drake and Nicki. All separate sets. #thebigthree.

10:24 – fellas, if you want a lap dance from Nicki Minaj attend this show. I repeat: fellas if you want a lap dance from Nicki Minaj attend this show.

10:31 – Nicki Minaj re-enters the stage after a brief pause to “Right Thru Me” wearing a wedding/Barbie dress.

10:42 – after Nicki exited the stage for another intermission her DJ Yells “Boston are you with me” and the crowd erupts into screams. My man J-Rod says “she knows her geography. Where I’m from that’s usually for Brooklyn” referring to the loud screams.

10:50 – Nicki still going strong. Waynes really letting her live.

10:53 – Nicki asks her Barbies to flash their boobs before she leaves. Good job, Nick. Queens all day.

10:54 – maybe Nicki isn’t done. She’s tearing up her verse from Kanyes “Monster.”

10:56 – the crowd is chanting “Weezy” … And they got their wish. Re-enter Dwayne Carter.

10:59 – Wayne on stage tearing down “I Am Not A Human Being.” Is it me or did his locks get longer?

11:01 – Wayne just shouted out the late greats Tupac, Michael Jackson and Nate Dogg. Says they taught him how to hustle.

11:06 – “Steady Mobbin’ ” is a hit. Wayne should bring Gucci out in the A.

11:11 – “When I say more, you say fire: more FIRE more FIRE” Weezy shouts then headed into “Fireman.” You’d never know the track is years old.

11:12 – the sound is a little funky on “Fire Flame” but the crowd don’t care. I smell a Birdman sighting coming.

11:13 – Enter, Birdman. The crowd adores Mr. Williams.

11:21 – Lil Twist comes out for a cameo. Where’s Chuckee?

11:26 – Mack Mizzle returns for “Miss Parker” then “Best I Ever Had.”

11:30 – after a brief appearance from Jae Millz YM singer Shanele takes the stage looking like Lala Hathaway performing her new single. Shanele is a beauty!

11:34 – Nicki comes back onstage with Wayne for “Roger That.” They’re rocking!

11:42 – Wayne showing no signs of lettn up. Performing his smash single “Mrs. Officer.”

11:43 – Lollipop!

11:50 – Lil Wayne blacking out on his “Rebirth” set. Word is the show ended at 11:30 so the YMCMB is paying a pretty penny right now. Guess they’re name isn’t Cash Money for nuttin, huh.

11:54 – shirtless, dreads hangin, Wayne gives a high-octane performance for “6 Foot 7 Foot.” Dude is gonna sell a million first week, easy.

11:58 – Introducing Cory Gunz.

11:59 – Weezy tells his fans he aint s–t without them. Then ends his show. Wakas “No Hands” comes on.

12:01 – just congratulated Cory Gunz backstage. Amazing show. Check for our full interview from my man Jayson Rodriguez.

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