Lil Wayne I Am Music And Americas Most Wanted Tours Gross 42 Million

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It’s official, the final numbers for the Lil WayneI Am Music” and “Americas Most Wantedtours grossed $42 million, and brought in around 804,000 fans. These are record numbers for Lil Wayne, and come from a total of seventy-eight Lil Wayne headlining arena and amphitheater concerts. Wayne‘s tour business manager and tour producer Shawn Gee said it was definitely one of the biggest in the past years, and that their plan was to prove Lil Weezy can be a viable headlining arena artist. These numbers are tracked by, and they show that the second highest gross rap tour was Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige in 2008 which grossed $34.6 million with 310,694 fans at 28 shows. Kanye West’s 2008 tour Glow In The Dark came in third, having grossed $30.8 million from 49 concerts, in which 507,853 fans attended. It is rare that a hip-hop tour cracks the Billboard end of year list in the top 25 grossing tours, but it is likely that Lil Wayne will earn a spot on this years Billboard top 25 tours.

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