Lil Wayne “The Leak Reloaded” Mixtape Coming Soon

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The latest news about another unofficial Lil Wayne mixtape is “The Leak Reloaded” which should be coming soon, and that is one interesting album cover. This mixtape from Weezy shouldn’t be as disappointing as the Lil Wayne “Public Enemy” mixtape because it has some good features and most of these Lil Wayne songs are already out. However it is said that a couple exclusive tracks may appear that include Omarion and Lil Wayne, but checking the track list below, most of these tracks are on previous Weezy mixtapes.

1. Soo-Woo
2. I Get It In ft. Omarion
3. We Like Cars
4. Salute ft. Fabolous
5. Play In My Band
6. Invasion
7. Million Dollar Baby ft. DJ Drama
8. I’m Feeling Myself
9. So Sharp ft. Mack 10 and Rick Ross
10. I’m Gone Get It
11. I Told Y’all
12. It’s Not Love
13. South Side ft. Birdman
14. Two Four
15. Let’s Chill ft. Young Money
16. A Week Long
17. From The Side
18. Feels So Right
19. Let Me Hit That
20. She Know What She Wants

A few of these track titles could be duplicates, such as “Let Me Hit That” could be “Every Girl”, “Two Four” is most likely “Kobe Bryant“, “Soo-Woo” could be “Major”, and “I’m Gone Get It” could be “No Quitter, Go Getter”. Also some of these tracks could be the full versions to Lil Wayne songs that only have snippets or parts released.

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