50 Cent Calls Out Lil Wayne Album Sales

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In a recent interview with XXL, rapper 50 Cent who recently dropped his War Angel LP, calls out Lil Wayne and his number of album sales. Fifty goes on to say, “What does that mean that he has sold a million records?” and then goes on to brag about his ten plus million sold for two albums. After hearing the War Angel LP, I was not impressed one bit with 50’s style. Lil Wayne should come back with a video for 50 Cent, but I highly doubt it because he doesn’t have any time to waste. Here’s what 50 had to say, and check out the video by clicking more below.

“Well Em, I don’t even see Em in a category,” Fif explained in an interview. “Then Em’s number one and I’m number two. What does it mean that you sold a million albums? So you gonna forget I sold ten million records twice? 12 million first, ten million next, so what does that one million mean? What you’re talking about is who has a buzz. A buzz is a song, so the next song I release you feel could turn me into the hottest thing out here. If I’m showing you full capability, what makes you doubt that?

There’s a cloud, there’s a respect that is well deserved on Jay-Z’s part because he’s had that cloud come over him and constantly work through it. Having so many projects come out and being successful and maintain being here, there’s a significance in that. Because the public goes after countless hit records, they say, ‘Think you can do it again?’ Ask me if you think he can do it again, hell yeah. ‘Cause he did it how many times in front of us?”

“We get those moments where people decide to doubt and I’m fine with it,” he adds. “You know and then they’ll change their mind and I’ll tell em suck my dick, kiss my ass and everything else at the same time because they decided to doubt for that small time period.”

1 Comment

  1. Lateia

    January 8, 2010 at 11:52 am

    50 is wack nd old dont hate kuz lil wayne is number one yo cds is wack besides your first one all wayne cds is way better than yours thats why i buy everyone!

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